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5 Real Ways To Let Go Of Self-Limiting Beliefs And Open Your Heart

A happy couple hugs and smiles under a blue sky. When you release your self-limiting beliefs, you open your heart and let more love into your life.

Are your self-limiting beliefs keeping your heart closed and blocking love from your life?

Do you feel caught in a loveless cycle and long to break free?

If you suspect you have some unhelpful beliefs blocking your heart, first of all, please know that you are not alone. We all struggle with our own imagined limitations. Be kind to yourself. Know that it is entirely possible to get rid of limiting beliefs so you can open your heart and let more love in. More on that soon. 

But first, let’s look at how limiting beliefs operate in your life.

Your Self-Limiting Beliefs Shape Your Reality

Self-limiting beliefs are assumptions you’ve made about yourself. They are self-limiting because they cut you off from your potential and what’s truly possible for you.

These negative narratives are especially painful when it comes to matters of the heart. Beliefs such as “I’m unlucky in love,” “it’s too late for me,” or “I’m not enough” keep your heart closed to meeting a potential mate. Or, if you are in a relationship, these beliefs shut down the connection between you and your partner.

What’s important to know about self-limiting beliefs is that they have nothing to do with actual facts. They may feel real, but they are not inherently true. They are just thoughts you think over and over until they become ingrained in how you see yourself and the world.

Once a belief is set, it operates as a filter. It causes your mind to interpret your experiences in a way that reinforces your belief. All while ignoring any evidence to the contrary. 

If I believe I’m unlucky in love, I’ll remember only those times I felt rejected by a lover. I’ll forget all the times when my relationships blossomed. What’s more, I’ll engage with the world in ways that reflect my belief. For example, I’ll turn down new dating opportunities.

That’s how your limiting beliefs shape your experience of reality. In a way, they become self-fulfilling prophecies. 

The good news is that your beliefs are not set in stone. Nor do they predict your future. Your beliefs are malleable. And when you change them, you change the course of your life. 

If you’re ready to liberate your heart from the grip of self-limiting beliefs, here are steps you can take today.

5 Ways To Let Go Of Self-Limiting Beliefs

#1 – Get present.

What can be tricky about self-limiting narratives is that they often lurk just beneath the surface of conscious awareness. Meanwhile, they quietly dictate what you think, how you feel, and how you behave. 

That’s why the first step in tackling your beliefs is to get present. You need to bring awareness to what’s going on inside of you. 

You can do this through a simple mindfulness meditation where you sit quietly with your eyes closed for several minutes. While in stillness, observe your thoughts, feelings, and sensations. 

Paying (judgment-free) attention to your inner landscape creates an opening for new information and understanding to rise to the surface. You begin to see more clearly the patterns of belief that keep you stuck in pain. This awareness begins to break the trance of the old paradigm.

#2 – Question your belief.

Now that you know which self-limiting belief you want to work with, it’s time to ask this pivotal question: “Is it true?” 

The idea here is to break the habit of just assuming the belief is a statement of fact. Allow yourself to consider that it might not be true. Or at least, that it might not be true 100 percent of the time. 

This simple question opens the mind to other possibilities. Of course, at first, your mind might toss out many reasons why the belief is true. That’s OK. Keep playing with the inquiry, being open to other possible responses. 

It’s not a matter of finding the “right” answer but of being willing to entertain a new reality. This step continues untangling you from the web of your imagined limitation. 

#3 – Connect the dots.

Next, ask yourself, “When I believe it to be true, how do I experience myself and the world?”

This step is about connecting the dots between your self-limiting belief, your experience, and the results in your life. You want to understand how the belief has shaped your reality on all levels of your experience. 

Ask yourself: When I believe this self-limiting belief, how do I experience myself? How do I experience the world? What kinds of thoughts do I think when I believe it to be true? What kinds of feelings do I feel? How do I react? How do I engage with others? What is my sense of the future when I believe it to be true? 

Be sure to do this step with a whole lot of self-compassion. The better you understand how your belief has impacted your life, the better you can liberate yourself from it.  

#4 – Play with possibility.

Now, here’s the really fun part. Ask yourself, “Who am I without this self-limiting belief?”

This step is all about play and possibility. Let your imagination run wild. 

Play with these questions: Without this belief, how do I engage with the world? How do I feel about myself? How do I talk to myself? How do I interact with others? In the absence of this belief, how do I feel about my future? What am I excited about? What am I inspired to explore?

This is not about forcing a new belief. It’s about dancing with possibility and seeing what unfolds within you through playful exploration. What happens when you permit yourself to change how you see yourself? 

There’s no right or wrong answer to these questions. Their purpose is to stimulate the creative forces within you that tap into your true potential and open your heart.

#5 – Get support.

And finally, consider engaging the support of a healer or coach. There’s no reason you have to do this work all on your own. In fact, getting the support of a psychic healer or coach can make transforming your self-limiting beliefs a whole lot more fun and efficient.

A good support person will create a safe and judgment-free environment for you. They’ll be able to catch you when you have moments of self-doubt and uncertainty. They’ll help you see yourself more clearly. They’ll remind you just how powerful you are at critical points in the transformation process. 

Why not set yourself up for success? Let yourself lean into the support of a gifted healer who knows the ropes and will guide you every step of the way. 

Self-limiting beliefs close your heart and cut you off from love. When you dissolve them, you change the course of your life. Ultimately, you connect to your authentic self and open your heart to the love you most desire.

Are your self-limiting beliefs cutting you off from love? Are you ready to create a breakthrough in your heart healing? Sometimes reading about isn’t enough to make the changes you most long for. If this is the case for you, I invite you to schedule a private Clairvoyant Reading with me where we’ll be able to identify your blocks to love and help you release them so you can receive the love you know you’re here to enjoy.

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