Elizabeth Hunter Diamond, clairvoyant & psychic energy healer, smiles in pink shirt.

Welcome! I’m Elizabeth Hunter Diamond.

I’m a psychic energy healer, teacher, and a big believer in the power of the human spirit to grow, transform, and create a life of ever-expanding love, connection, and joy.

I am a certified professional clairvoyant, offering clairvoyant psychic energy healing sessions. I teach online courses on empowered living for sensitive, passionate souls. I’m also a Teacher of Clairvoyance at the Inner Connection Institute. I write frequently about energy healing, empaths, and a host of other topics on my blog.

A licensed minister of the Church of Infinite Spirit, I perform ceremonies such as weddings, baptisms, funerals, and other life passages. I am also available to assist in end-of-life challenges and transitions.

I support people ready to clear inner blocks so they can connect with their innate truth, experience love, and lead their lives with creative authenticity.

In our work together, my clients come to understand where and how they are blocked from experiencing the fullness of life that is their birthright. They experience a release and re-patterning of emotions, beliefs, and limitations, and ultimately they re-align with their highest truth and vision for their lives.

This process leads to an expanded sense of self and experience of life itself. From this new foundation centered on self-awareness and empowerment, my clients can move forward and create lives they love.

Elizabeth Hunter Diamond, psychic energy healer sits on white couch.

I want to support you so you can:

  • Embrace your path with enthusiasm and inspiration.

  • Meet change and challenge as opportunities to discover more of who you are and to align with your truth.

  • Transform obstacles into springboards for self-awareness, growth, and empowerment.

  • Alchemize old pain and conditioned patterns so they become deep soul wisdom that nourishes your journey of expanding love, vitality, and joy.

  • Create a life you love!

My Story

Childhood and relationship challenges launched me on a decades-long quest for self-awareness and healing. These painful life lessons ignited a deep desire within me to find a way to experience something different for myself.

On this journey of self-healing, I’ve had the privilege of studying with many beloved teachers from a vast array of disciplines: nature-based therapy, breathwork, meditation, yoga, clairvoyance and psychic energy healing, trance mediumship, somatic-based transformation, shamanism, marriage and family therapy, and executive leadership.

[As an aside… in the midst of this quest, I rose through the ranks in a corporate career, serving as head of communications for an international NGO, and then later as executive coach for a top-rated US executive MBA program.]

What created the most impact in my healing journey was opening up to the world of clairvoyant psychic energy healing. For the first time, I was able to get to the heart of core patterns that had been creating pain and conflict in my life.

I discovered how simple and efficient it is to address the old pain and programming at the energetic root.

Because when you create healing at the energetic source, there is a corresponding healing that occurs on all other levels of expereince, including the emotional and physical levels. Energy healing facilitates a cascade of healing and translates into a profound shift in experience of self.

In the process of transforming the pain into wisdom, I healed my relationship with myself and embraced my calling as a clairvoyant psychic energy healer and teacher.

Although I had many experiences of a visionary and mystical nature as a child, it wasn’t until I applied the psychic energy healing tools to myself (the same tools I use in my healing sessions with clients) that my capacities as a clairvoyant psychic and energy healer blossomed.

My path may have had its own unique twists and turns. But I believe we all share a similar desire — to be fully ourselves and share ourselves freely with the world.

If you’re ready to take a step in your own healing, growth, and empowerment, I’d be delighted to support you. Schedule a reading or reach out and let me know how I might help.

Elizabeth’s insights are spot on and presented in such a loving way. Whenever I get the chance to work with Elizabeth on a roadblock, she’s able to facilitate me in meaningful ways that allow me to open up, discover, and move forward. ~Jen P.

Elizabeth is tremendously gifted, both in her capacity to access invisible realms and in her ability to translate insights into relevant and useful information. I deeply appreciate her clarity, compassion, wisdom, humor, and metaphoric agility. I have benefitted from working with her and regularly utilize tools and practices she’s shared with me. Potent images from our sessions have stayed with me, as their resonance was apparent, and the guidance continues to unfold. I have the utmost respect for Elizabeth and highly recommend her sessions and courses. ~Carmen S.

Elizabeth’s clarity penetrated my stuck energy and supported an unwinding of one of my deep resistance patterns. I felt immediate heat release as she unpacked the energy and cleared my heart chakra. Thank you, Elizabeth! ~Megan C.

From the instant we started, working with Elizabeth was/is like working with an old friend, who’s known me my whole life. Yet it is also like working with an angelic guardian, who’s known me for several lifetimes, and who is seeking the highest, best good for me and everyone involved with me. Just like those giant deep-space radar dishes in the Mojave, she’s incredibly attentive and tuned in. ~John G.

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