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How To Set Energy Boundaries So Your Empathic Heart Isn’t Hurt By The Energy Around You

Empath woman stands on the beach with her arms wide open and basks in the sunlight. When you set energy boundaries you protect your empath heart.

Do you know how to set energy boundaries, so your empathic heart isn’t hurt by the energy around you?

If you’re an empath, setting energy boundaries may seem counter-intuitive. After all, being an empath means you’re wired to feel and absorb what other people feel. Like a radio receiver, you naturally (sometimes unwittingly) tune into and receive the emotions and energies that others emit.

Your attunement to others is one of the extraordinary empath characteristics that sets you apart from other souls. It makes you genuinely kind, caring, and compassionate. 

But when you’re openly attuned to everyone you encounter, you unnecessarily expose yourself to energies that can hurt your empathic heart. Especially when you’re exposed to empath triggers, including unhealthy expressions of anger, grief, and confusion.

That’s why knowing how to set energy boundaries is critical for empaths who want to protect their sensitive hearts. 

When you set energy boundaries, you claim your divine right to energetic and emotional health and wellbeing. You proclaim to the world what you will (and will not) take on. You protect your big heart. And, you free yourself to be authentically you.

Additional benefits to setting energy boundaries.

  • You enjoy clarity and discernment about what choices align with your highest good. 
  • You run on the pure potency of your own energy. You experience greater vitality and freedom in your physical body. 
  • You’re empowered to express caring and compassion for others without taking on their pain. 
  • You’re less susceptible to falling prey to energy vampires. 
  • You can express yourself with greater intentionality. You can make explicit requests to have your own needs met.
  • You have more energy and time for what truly brings you joy. 
  • You can still be kind, loving, and generous, but on your terms. 

Setting energy boundaries is incredibly simple and can be done anywhere, anytime. Let me show you how.

3 Easy Steps To Set Your Energy Boundaries

#1 – Ground Your Energy.

The first step in setting energy boundaries is to ground your energy to the center of the earth. When you ground, you release any energy that no longer serves you into the earth for composting. 

Begin by sitting quietly with your eyes closed for a few moments. 

Next, imagine a colored beam of light extending from your tailbone to the earth’s core. Allow this beam of light, or grounding cord, to attach securely to the center of the earth. 

Now, sit peacefully in this position for several minutes while you experience a release of excess energy down your grounding cord. You don’t have to know precisely what’s releasing, simply allow your energy to be cleared of anything that doesn’t serve you.

#2 – Set Your Aura Bubble.

The second step is to set your aura bubble. Your aura is the field or bubble of energy that surrounds you. It extends to about an arm’s length around you on all sides. 

Imagine that you’re sitting inside your aura bubble. And, imagine coating the outer edge of your aura bubble with a color. It can be any color that feels good to you. 

Like putting on an energetic raincoat, you’re defining your boundary from the rest of the world. What’s inside your boundary is you, what’s outside your boundary is not you. 

#3 – Own Your Space.

This final step is about claiming ownership of your personal energetic space. 

Begin by saying your name several times while attuning to your sense of self. Repeat several times “this is my space” as you imagine being the sovereign of your domain. Imagine owning every inch of the space within your aura bubble. This is your domain. 

You’re making a statement that only energy belonging to you gets to remain within your aura bubble. You can imagine that any energy that does not resonate with you continues to release down your grounding cord.

Enjoy being in your own aura bubble, surrounded by your own energy for several minutes before coming out of meditation. 

And that’s how you set your energy boundaries in three easy and simple steps. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you. The more you practice, the stronger your boundaries become.

When you set your energy boundaries, you protect your empathic heart from the energy around you. More than that, you are free to show up as your authentic empathic caring self while staying true to you.  

If you’re an empath wanting to learn how to manage your sensitivity, reading about it may not be enough to create the shifts you want in your life. Consider booking a healing session with me. I can help you build energetic balance and stability, no matter how intense the world around you becomes. Book your session today!

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