Because let’s face it. Love Stories aren’t just fairy tales about frogs and princesses.

We all have our own unique Love Story. And it runs far deeper than the rose-scented pages of a romance novel.

Your Love Story is the whole constellation of your beliefs, cultural conditioning, and feelings about love, itself. It’s what your heart whispers to you about love — and what’s possible or impossible, for you.

The hitch? Most Love Stories are riddled with messages based in scarcity and wounds. Your unique Love Story might include old, unhelpful messages like:

  • I’m just unlucky in love.
  • All the good ones are taken.
  • It’s too late for me.
  • I can’t have it all in relationship.

When beliefs like these are operating right below our awareness, it directly limits our freedom and joy. No matter how great your new fella or lady is, if these beliefs are quietly, unconsciously running the show, you’ll stay stuck in the same struggles.

True love asks us to heal our relationship to love itself.

Here’s the beautiful news: you can re-write your Love Story, releasing those old patterns and replacing them with new beliefs, rooted in the truth of your wholeness.

Begin transforming YOUR Love Story in my free 4-step mini-course “What’s Your Love Story?”


I’ll introduce you to a playful + profound process to help you begin to uncover your own Love Story … and start transforming it for good.


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“What’s Your Love Story” is an introduction to the processes I’ve used in my own life to ground myself in wholeness. (And enjoy a deeply fulfilling marriage.)

When you consciously write your own story from wholeness, you don’t just change your love life. You change your whole life.

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