Elizabeth Hunter Diamond gives clairvoyant reading & energy healing, in pink shirt outside in nature.

Clairvoyant Reading & Energy Healing

Ready for clarity, direction & transformation?

A Clairvoyant Reading & Energy Healing Session can help you get unstuck, heal old pain, and break unhelpful patterns so you can move forward in your life in clarity and confidence.

Whether you’re a frequent traveler in the world of clairvoyant reading and energy healing, or you’re just dipping your toe in for the very first time, I’m so glad you’re here! Welcome!

Wherever you may feel blocked, confused, or challenged in your life, I guarantee it is possible to perceive its energetic origin, transform it into the gift of wisdom, and create greater peace, freedom, and joy in your world.

Benefits of a session may include:

  • Answers regarding love, family, career, finance & health
  • Peace & ease, empowering you to make your best choices
  • Realignment with your soul
  • Insight into your life’s purpose
  • Clearing blocks that hold you back
  • Clarity on next steps needed toward success
  • Gain focus, confidence & direction
  • Embracing your path with aligned vision & free will

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Elizabeth Hunter Diamond gives clairvoyant reading & energy healing, in yellow blouse holding blue coffee cup..

Elizabeth’s insights are spot on and presented in such a loving way. Whenever I get the chance to work with Elizabeth on a roadblock, she’s able to facilitate me in meaningful ways that allow me to open up, discover, and move forward. ~Jen P.

What You Can Expect From A Clairvoyant Reading & Energy Healing Session

In our session, I help you identify and work through problem areas in your life by bringing awareness to patterns and karmic issues. I look at what set the issue in motion, give you an energy healing to release blockages related to the issue, and explore what next steps you may take to bring about resolution and a positive new direction.

You may have a specific question you want to explore, or you may want to receive a global healing. Either way, I’ll identify what energy blocks I see, support you in bringing awareness to their cause, and offer you an energy healing to create lasting transformation.

Addressing healing at the level of energy is like weeding a garden.

We pull weeds (energy blocks) by the root for a more profound transformation, versus clipping the weeds at the surface only to have them grow back even more robust.

When you heal at the level of energy, there is a corresponding healing that occurs on other levels of experience, including the emotional and physical levels. As a result, energy healing fosters lasting personal transformation, freeing you to create from a more empowered experience of yourself.

Access your authentic truth and deepest desires, and tap into your innate power to create a life of your own design.

In the process, we clear limiting beliefs, emotional wounds, and unhealthy patterns. By the end of their sessions, clients often report experiencing greater peace, self-acceptance, clarity, and enthusiasm for life.

My commitment is to be a safe and welcoming presence and to provide a calm and healing space so you can receive insight and healing with grace and ease. If you feel inspired by this, I’d love to support you!

Issues that can be addressed

  • Relationship Issues
  • Childhood Traumas
  • Past Life Questions
  • Karmic Completions
  • Work & Life Purpose Questions
  • Anxiety & Physical Pain
  • Self-Esteem & Confidence Issues
  • Clarity & Support During Loss & Other Life Transitions
  • Spiritual Growth & Openings
  • Embracing New Creative Opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions will I need?

For some people, one session is all it takes to create a dramatic shift in clarity, direction, and transformation. Others are on a voyage of discovery and like to check in with me regularly.

How should I prepare for my session?

You may want to write down specific questions you have before our session, so you have them on hand. Some people will have several topics to explore, while others like to see what comes up in the session. Otherwise, all you need for your session is an open mind and an open heart.

At the time of our session, be in a quiet and relaxed environment, free of distractions. We will meet by telephone (you’ll receive dial-in information when you book your session).

You have the option of receiving a recording of your session, which can support the ongoing integration of your healing.

How do I schedule a session?

Click the “Book It!” button below. This will take you directly to my calendar and payment portal. You’ll be able to choose the date and time that works best for you.

You’ll receive an email confirmation of your scheduled session (including dial-in instructions), as well as an email reminder a day or two before the session.


One 60-minute session: $215

One 30-minute session: $115

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More about the power of clairvoyance & energy healing

Elizabeth is tremendously gifted, both in her capacity to access invisible realms and in her ability to translate insights into relevant and useful information. I deeply appreciate her clarity, compassion, wisdom, humor, and metaphoric agility. I have benefitted from working with her and regularly utilize tools and practices she’s shared with me. Potent images from our sessions have stayed with me, as their resonance was apparent, and the guidance continues to unfold. I have the utmost respect for Elizabeth and highly recommend her sessions and courses. ~Carmen S.

Elizabeth’s clarity penetrated my stuck energy and supported an unwinding of one of my deep resistance patterns. I felt immediate heat release as she unpacked the energy and cleared my heart chakra. Thank you, Elizabeth! ~Megan C.

From the instant we started, working with Elizabeth was/is like working with an old friend, who’s known me my whole life. Yet it is also like working with an angelic guardian, who’s known me for several lifetimes, and who is seeking the highest, best good for me and everyone involved with me. Just like those giant deep-space radar dishes in the Mojave, she’s incredibly attentive and tuned in. ~John G.

My experience of a session with Elizabeth was full of surprises of the best kind. I gained new perspectives on my particular issue and on my whole life. I felt a full body sense of appreciation for my gifts (some known already, some newly revealed). And I relaxed into trusting Elizabeth’s direct seeing and clear reporting on what was going on in me energetically. Finally, I found her clearings were both powerful and easeful. I’m still benefiting from this session, weeks later. ~Michael D.