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Birthing A New Reality

Great horned owl feather on autumn leaves, birthing a new reality.

This place where you are right now, God circled on a map for you. ~ Hafiz

I sat in meditation earlier today and saw a picture of myself standing on my childhood school playground. Next to me was a 4-foot high stack of old china plates, many of them chipped and cracked. I picked up the plates one by one and smashed them against the old elementary school building’s cinder block wall. With every smash, my body rippled in the vibrations of freedom and delight. 

Hmmm… actively shattering old binding structures of tradition and evaluation. Can you resonate with that image? 🙂  

There is something incredibly freeing about embracing the energy of our times to effect transformation in areas of our lives where forward movement has been elusive until now.

I think of rockets, and how, to achieve lift-off, a force must act upward on the rocket with a larger magnitude than the rocket’s weight. That’s a whole lot of energy.

And I think of some of my own longings — deep soul desires having to do with how I experience myself in relationship and in my expression in the world — that in the past have escaped my reach, no matter how committed I have been to my inner work.

Perhaps these deep soul desires of mine have needed immense forces — the likes of which we’re experiencing now — to blast through the old, deeply rooted ways that once appeared unmovable. 

As out of control as the world may seem these days, I can receive the gift when I look at it from this perspective. I can be in awe of these incredible cosmic forces moving through all of our lives, and for many like myself, offering the energy to make radical changes in how we live and how we relate to ourselves and the world.

At the same time… because of our times… 

I am acutely aware of the need for tender spaces of support. Now more than ever. 

A dear friend welcomed her baby girl just a few days ago. I appreciate that social distancing is giving this young family even more buffer from a frantic world. There is even greater permission to hold a sacred, tender container for this newly arrived soul to acquaint herself with her newly created body. To be cradled and nurtured. To enjoy a gentle transition from womb to world. 

And maybe, for a moment, we can imagine ourselves as souls arriving into a new reality. A new reality conceived in and shaped by our deepest desires, dreams, and visions. 

And perhaps we can give ourselves permission to be nurtured and supported. We can allow the cosmic forces to barrel through, shattering old china in its path. We can receive those who can hold space for us while taking our first brave and awkward steps into a new reality of our own creation.

How are you inviting support for your tender, precious soul desires, dreams, and visions?

With love,


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