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Celebrating Rebirth And Renewal

“It is spring again. The earth is like a child
that knows poems by heart.” 
― Rainer Maria Rilke

For the past month, I’ve been pining away for Spring. Here in Northern California, winter has felt like one constant downpour. Storm after storm after storm have rolled through, giving no time in between to catch our breath. 

Just last weekend it all shifted. We were gifted with one beautiful sunny cloudless sky, announcing the turn of the seasons. My husband David and I were at an outdoor gathering with friends, and we all commented how we were feeling in a bit of shock. The sun was almost too much for our tender bodies to handle.

Which led me to thinking this week about transitions and transformation. About how eager we can get for things to change. We think we’re so ready to move on to the next step. 

I’m reminded of what it felt like to be a teenager, always looking towards the next milestone… when could I have my ears pierced, when could I get my driver’s license, when I could go off to college…

Much in the same way I’ve been pining away for Spring. And what I realize is that there’s a gentler, kinder way of transitioning. A way that honors emergence, the natural flow of life and the fullness of each stage. 

In relation to Spring, I’ve been noticing within myself the eagerness to “get out there,” while also holding the wisdom of the body that needs a minute or two to catch up with the changes. Honor that my body, in its infinite wisdom, is adjusting to the longer, brighter, warmer days. 

Just imagine what it might feel like to be plucked from this moment right now and plopped down into mid-July. That could be quite a shock to the system! 

And so, as we celebrate the Spring Equinox and the promise of new beginnings, I’m reminding myself to be in the flow of the gentle emergence happening all around me. To be in gratitude for the bright green buds on the trees. The pair of Great Horned Owls making their nest in the trees below our home. Gratitude for this moment. The one that is right here, right now.

I’m honoring the emergence and evolution of my own expression in the world. Recently I’ve “come out of the closet” as a clairvoyant. I feel at peace in this expression, the rightness of it, as well as surprised that this how things have unfolded. Had I jumped ahead, skipped over any of the steps leading to this, I imagine I might have felt differently. Things might have turned out differently.

And now, I’m practicing being just where I am in that precious space of rebirth and renewal. Resisting the temptation to leap ahead. Letting this one unfold like a tender spring bud beginning to reveal its radiant colors. 

What is emerging in your world that you could give space to and allow to unfold in its own natural rhythm? How can you hold both your personality’s eagerness to leap ahead and the wisdom of your Being to reveal itself on its own schedule?

I’d love to hear what’s emerging in the Spring of your Being. 

With love,


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