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Choosing Your Lens Of Perception Is An Act Of Creative Freedom

Driftwood in a lake under a blue sky with white clouds

Yesterday, there was a dead white heron floating in the silty shallows of the lake. The bird was laying on its side, folded up on itself, with splotches of mud streaking its fading wings.

I was about 20 minutes into my daily loop when this vision stopped me in my tracks. Instantly, a sharp pain pierced my heart, and a wave of grief passed over my body. 

I took a few steps further along the trail, which shifted my angle of perception. 

That’s when I realized it wasn’t a dead bird I was peering at. It was, instead, a piece of bleached, muddy driftwood that had been pushed to the edge of the lake by the wind. 

This experience, which unfolded in just a few short moments, revealed to me just how much I had slipped into the trance of fear and foreboding that has been ignited in our collective. How instantly my imagination generated a dark image that pulled me down into a spiral of pain and suffering. 

Perhaps you’re having similar experiences these days. We are living in unprecedented times. It’s not uncommon to feel the chaos and uncertainty around us, and have our daily lives colored by them.

If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite. 

William Blake

I also know that what we focus on grows. And while I am present to and acknowledge the global (and local) events and suffering, I also want to remain master of my own angle of perception.

When I operate through the lens of fear and scarcity, my world becomes dark. I sink into suffering. I see no possible, palatable solutions. I am powerless to act. 

We see everything through the creative lens of our imaginations. Is what you’re perceiving a piece of driftwood? Or is it a dead bird?

As for me, I want to harness the creative lens of my imagination for something greater, brighter, more beautiful. What if I were to choose the lens of abundance and belonging no matter what? What would I see then? 

There are, no doubt, countless other visions to behold: the family of otters diving for dinner, the Osprey perched in its nest high above, or the glint of sunlight across the gentle waves. 

Just the thought of shifting my attention transforms my inner experience to one that is clear, willing, and empowered. I feel connected to myself and the world around me. Open to possibility. 

What lens are you choosing to see yourself and your world through right now? How is it impacting your inner experience and what you’re creating? 

I invite us all to enjoy the angles of perception that are heart-expanding, beauty-inspiring, and life-giving. In a time where so much is in flux, we have more power than ever to be the conscious creators of new realities. 

If you feel called to explore creating a new reality in your world, I have three invitations for you — all the details are below. 

With love, 


P.S. September is my birthday month. ? I’m celebrating by offering you a 15% discount on a private clairvoyant session. ? See details below.

Private FaceBook Group For Passionate, Sensitive Souls

You’re invited to join my private FaceBook group “Live Your Truth.”

It’s a safe, sacred space for passionate, sensitive souls who are ready to embrace their sensitivity and inner wisdom, so they can lead wholehearted, intentional lives while making the difference they came here to make. 

You’ll find resources, encouragement, and support to break free of old patterns that keep you stuck in scarcity and overwhelm. And, to cultivate the kind of healing and self-love that liberate you to show up empowered, resilient, and authentic. 

Plus, join me in the group every Thursday at 12 noon PT for a free live guided meditation or training. You’re welcome to join any or all of these as a great way to ground, connect inward and expand. Join the Live Your Truth private Facebook group.

Awakening Empath Course

If you’re finding the turbulence and uncertainty of our times overwhelming, then I encourage you to join me for this 5-session Zoom series that begins next Thursday, September 9. 

In this course, we’ll explore what it means to be a sensitive soul who’s got big gifts (compassion, caring, intuition) but who struggles with the intensity of the changes at home and on the global stage. 

You’ll learn simple, practical tools to ground your energy, set healthy energetic boundaries, create inner stability, and access your intuition, no matter what may be happening around you. 

I’m offering this course through the Inner Connection Institute. The early enrollment rate is available for just a few more days, so act soon! More details.

Clairvoyant Energy Healing Session

If you’d like focused, individualized support navigating a transition or manifesting a vision, then I invite you to schedule a session with me. 

We’ll meet by phone for 30 or 60 minutes (your choice). I will help you identify and release energetic blocks (e.g. patterns of thought that limit your freedom to create). And, you’ll be supported to connect with your clarity and power within so you can create in harmony with your truth. 

And, because it’s my birthday month ?, I’m offering a 15% discount on sessions booked in September. ? To receive the discount, use the Coupon Code: BDAY15 when prompted through the booking link.

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