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Are You Giving Yourself Permission To Enjoy?

Shells in the surf on a beach at sunset

Happy December!

David and I just returned from 10 days luxuriating on a Mexican beach. So… hola!

I am still enjoying the gifts of our days swimming in the warm, clear blue ocean. Walking the length of the white sandy beach. Watching migrating humpback whales from the shore. Reading novels in the shade. Eating fresh local seafood. Playing cards in the evenings with friends. Falling asleep at night to the sound of the waves. 

Sounds amazing, right? 

Well, it was. Even more so, given this was my first honest-to-goodness vacation in over 5 years. That’s right… F I V E years. 

It’s kind of funny now. Vacation has always been on the list, but there was always some perfect reason to push it off to next year. We kept delaying, year after year. Until this year, when I woke up to how ridiculous the whole situation seemed.   

It’s amusing to me that I can be the biggest obstacle to what brings me joy. 

And so, more than anything, this trip to Mexico was about breaking some old inner barriers to my enjoyment of life.

When our first flight was canceled just hours before take-off (and then rebooked out of another airport, and then that flight delayed, making our connection to Mexico unlikely), I knew I had an opportunity to stay true to my intention. 

As we sprinted from LAX Terminal 2 to Terminal 6 in the hopes of making that connection, I knew that I was taking a stand for having what brings me joy. 

And, although we did miss that connection, David and I both agreed that it was so worth making a run for it. There was something very empowering in going for it, regardless of the outcome.  

Eventually, we made it to Zihuatanejo, joined our friends, and carried on with enjoying the simple pleasures of a tropical beach. 

Are you giving yourself permission to have what brings you joy? How would you like to expand your capacity to enjoy life? 

These are questions I’m diving into these days. Perhaps you are too?

And, in the spirit of expanding… I want to offer you an invitation to a powerful end-of-year reset… 

Please join me for the Create Your Year Workshop

In this 2-hour workshop on December 30th, we’ll integrate the gifts of 2021, releasing the year in gratitude. We’ll explore what we truly desire and set the New Year at the vibrations that support the manifestation of our desires.

What are you wanting to expand into in your life? Is it enjoyment, or peace, or adventure? Maybe something else? You’ll have the opportunity to identify your guiding word for 2022 — a word and vibration to inspire, encourage, and fortify you throughout the New Year.

This workshop is open to graduates of the free on-demand course Meditation For Living or the Awakening Empath. Details here.

Hope to see you there. And, in the meantime, my warmest wishes for a peaceful, joyful holiday season.

With love,


PS – Create Your Year Workshop is on December 30th. Sign up today! 

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