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Elizabeth Hunter Diamond is a Clairvoyant and Energy Healer dedicated to supporting you on your journey of healing, growth, and transformation.

Elizabeth Hunter Diamond, professional clairvoyant and energy healer, sitting on white couch with teal blue pillows.

Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here!

Are you seeking answers to unresolved questions? Are you ready to release old burdens that have been weighing you down? Do you want support and guidance while you navigate a challenging life passage? Do you long to clear outdated patterns of behavior that block you from creating the life you know you deserve?

Whatever longing you hold deep in your heart, I want you to know that clarity, release, and transformation is possible. No matter what the issue or challenge is, anything can be transformed into wisdom and become a springboard to the life you most desire. Anything! I’d love to show you how.

I bring a warm and natural approach to our sessions — it’s like talking to an old friend who is always on your side. I bring clarity and healing to your struggles so you can take your next steps with peace, ease, and confidence. Ready to get started?

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What is a Clairvoyant Healing?

Many people ask me about clairvoyant readings and healings… What happens in a session? How can it help me? How will my life be different?

Here’s how it works:

  • A clairvoyant healing gives you two important things. First, the clairvoyant part. I work with you to share clarity about what’s blocking you from creating the life you most want. Second, you get an energy healing where I help you release old energy blocks so you can create your future from a place of freedom and ease.
  • For example, if you’re working on finding a new job, one that you really love, I can identify what energetic blocks are getting in your way. They may be beliefs or assumptions interfering with manifesting your desire OR they may be related to outdated programming or paradigms.
  • Once we know the blocks then we can clear them right in our session. This is the action that sets you free to move forward with your vision.
  • Our sessions are done by phone and can last 1 hour or 30 minutes (your choice).
  • During the session, I am in a grounded meditation where I observe your energy (aura body) and I share with you what I see in relation to the questions you ask. Energy healing happens in the moment, so you walk away with both experiences at once.
  • To support reflection and future healings, I also give you a recording of our session so you can work with it at a deeper level once we’re complete. This is a great way to integrate into your life the healing you received.

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