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The Intelligence Of Your Unique Unfolding

Imagine the intelligence contained in the tiny acorn.

Roughly the size of a quarter, the acorn holds within it all of the information it needs to become a massive tree that may live for hundreds of years. Encoded within the tiny seed are the fragrances the tree will eventually emit in order to draw the right allies at the right time.

I think that we are no different.

We arrive here as small, helpless infants. Yet encoded within our tiny beings is an immense source of intelligence that will guide our individual destinies.

From this perspective, wherever we are is exactly where we need to be.

Perhaps close-up and in the moment it’s difficult to appreciate the wisdom at work. Close-up, our unfolding may sometimes appear chaotic, meaningless, or even wrong.

Fortunately though, with the passing of time, most of us gain clarity on the value of our experiences.

How that abusive relationship taught us self love. How that conflict gave us access to our inner knowing. How that friendship expanded our capacity for intimacy.

What if we could hold the expanded perspective at all times?

To say to ourselves, no matter what experience we are having, “I am unfolding according to my unique design. Like the oak, I contain fragrances that draw to me allies and experiences, in the right timing, for the full flourishing of my being.”

From this perspective, there are no mistakes and no adversaries. Only allies in the unfolding of our own individual destinies.

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