Two lovers holding hands and manifesting love
Tired of creating the same disappointing results in relationship, over and over again, no matter how much you work on yourself?
Exhausted from all your efforts to make relationship changes that never seem to stick?
Feeling stuck, unseen, or confused by the lack of genuine connection in your current relationship?
Doubting you’ll ever find someone who really “gets” you?

Manifesting Love Course

Transform your relationship to love &

Manifest true soul-nourishing love from the inside-out.

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Are you ready to break free from your old patterns so you can create abundant, new love in your life?

For most of us, our habits of finding and keeping love are limited by what we believe is possible. If you were raised by a controlling parent, you may believe as an adult that your partner(s) need to be catered to so you get your needs met.

Or, if you had a selfish or withdrawn parent, you may feel the need to be overly accommodating or the life of the party out of fear that your partner will leave or take away their love.

The reactions you have to your past are infused inside of you as a “limiting belief”. This is a fancy way of saying you have something you hold to be true that may or may not be a fact. What is certain is that this belief is holding you back from creating the love you desire.

And that, my friend, is something I can help you overcome.

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The good news is that no matter how stuck those old painful relationship patterns might be, it is entirely possible to free yourself from them.

From that place, you can (and hopefully will) manifest the love you’ve always wanted.

I know, because I did it. After decades of creating the same heartbreak and disappointment over and over, I discovered how to remove those inner blocks and manifest a deeply rewarding relationship.

If I can do it, you can too. And I’d love to show you how.

It’s a very simple process that will end the heartache you’re feeling so you can manifest the love you deserve.

Will you join me?

Man and woman manifesting love with their foreheads together

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Let me ask you: does this sound like you?

You long for a roots-and-wings kind of love. That partnership with someone who gets and cherishes and challenges you. That love you know — in your bones — you’re here to share.

You’re smart. You’ve soul-searched. You’ve self-helped. Maybe you’ve had a few close-but-no-cigar relationships. You’ve found love and genuine caring, but somehow things didn’t quite click into place, at least not for long. Or maybe you’re with someone now, but know it could be so much richer and deeper.

I get it. This was my struggle for years.

Couple manifesting love, taking a selfie together.
Elizabeth Hunter Diamond, clairvoyant energy healer, in yellow shirt with hands on heart, teaching manifesting love.

Hi, I’m Elizabeth,

Manifesting Love is the result of my own healing journey of love, longing, and fulfillment.

I worked at relationships for most of my life, leaving no stone unturned in my quest for love. But all the best programs and self-help and even studies in Marriage and Family Therapy left me in the same place: alone and unhappy.

It wasn’t until I let go of everything I thought I knew and turned within myself that I found the love I longed for. I uncovered and released the unconscious beliefs that told me things like “I can’t have what I want,” and “It’s too late for me.” I created a new foundation of love within me based in freedom and empowerment.

At the request of my friends and community, I began teaching the tools and perspectives I used to transform. What began as gatherings in my living room has grown into the rich online offering you see here.

I live and breathe this work. I am by no means perfect. In fact, I’m a holy work in progress. BUT, from the foundation of wholeness that I share in this Manifesting Love course, every day offers new awareness and growth for expanding my capacity to give and receive love. The journey never ends.

I hope that what I share inspires you to discover your own truth and your own infinite capacity for soul-nourishing love.

I’d be honored to go on this journey with you.

Manifesting Love is a 4-week adventure to the heart of your relationship to love.

In it, you will clear your negative limiting beliefs and actions so you can finally manifest heart-filling, soul-nourishing love.

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Who is this course for? It is for you if…

  • You’re single and ready for love. In the past, you did the work to clear the cobwebs from your inner life, and yet, something is still holding you back. You want love and you’re ready to do this last piece to make a loving relationship possible.
  • You’ve just ended a relationship and have accepted that the ways of the past did not work. Today, you want to heal and gain clarity so you can set the stage for new love from a fresh and empowered place.
  • You’re in a relationship and ready to drop those pesky patterns and limiting beliefs that get in the way of a deeper, richer, more fulfilling experience of love that you sense is possible. For you, the future is a deep well of possibilities and you know there’s more to love than what you experience day-to-day.
  • The beauty of each situation is that everyone on this list is ready to manifest love. You have the desire, willingness, and tenacity to do the work, drop the lies, and move into a more authentic version of yourself. From this place, manifesting true soul partnership is possible.

What an amazing place to be!

How it works…

Each week begins with a live coaching session by video conference with guided facilitation focusing on that week’s theme (4 sessions total). (If you need to miss a session, you’ll receive a recording.)

Lessons, activities, and prompts are delivered to your inbox 5 days a week (20 days total).

There’s a classroom site (private just for us) where we’ll share our experiences, connect and support each other in a safe and intimate container.

You’ll receive 50% off the price of a private phone clairvoyant reading & energy healing session with me during the course. Having a reading during the course maximizes your transformation so you can manifest the love you most desire.

Everything is held in the space of play, connection, and empowerment. 

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Permission, Infinite Possibility & New Vision

This is truly a brand new day for you and your experience of love. To make your start truly a “fresh start” I will guide you to clear your lingering feelings of past disappointment, pain, and burn-out around love. Together, we will reset the conditions for manifesting love at full permission and infinite possibility while creating your new vision for wildly fulfilling love.


Love Stories

In the second week you will begin to unpack your relationship to love. I will guide you to uncover the elements of your Love Story — the collection of experiences, beliefs and decisions you have made in the past that filter your perception and experience of love. Your transformation continues as you open up to new possibilities for yourself and your future.


Relationship Cravings

In week three you will go deeper into the heart of what you’re (perhaps unconsciously) trying to get from love and relationships that can only be found within. This is a power week where you will reclaim your own authority over your life. You are the source of all that you need, and all that you need is within you. This simple belief will illuminate and expand your awareness that you are truly free to love others without condition.


Being Magnetic & Manifesting Love

In our final week together, we will connect the dots from each lesson to unleash your magnetic radiance and manifest love into your life. We practice being the invitation for love, grounded in our own inner love spring, so that our true love can join us and share this space with us.

Special Bonus

Receive half off the price of a clairvoyant reading with Elizabeth. Having a clairvoyant reading and energy healing from Elizabeth during the course helps to maximize your transformation and expand your capacity to manifest the love you desire.

Woman manifesting love and holding light pink flowers in her hands.

Enrollment Details

Registration opens: September

Start Date: October

Duration: 4 weeks

Fee: $197 (Early Bird Enrollment is $147.)

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“Your course was more like play, it was fun! … Inquiring into old stories I have lived with for years and letting go of what doesn’t serve me … creating a relationship with love so that I love myself (all of me) whole heartedly … I now experience healthy, loving relationships that are full of love, laughter and acceptance.

Thank you Elizabeth for inviting us to experience this through self-expression and co-creation. Life is a dance and it doesn’t have to be hard. I now feel worthy of love and am able to invite others to play and explore the bounty of our hearts and souls.”



What can I expect to get out of this course?

  • A fresh and empowered perspective on your relationship to love.
  • Potent tools that you can continue to use beyond our time together to help you create love from your own wholeness.
  • A safe and intimate online community of like-hearted others, so you can connect, share support and witness each others’ transformation.
  • A field of learning that offers motivation, inspiration, support, and connection.
  • A clear process and structure for your learning path that invites ease and efficiency.

I’ve designed this course in the spirit of play and adventure, and I hope that you’ll find that while we’re diving deep, we’re also infusing our time together with lots of fun and amusement.

And, though we’ll be traveling this road together for four weeks with daily lessons and weekly coaching calls, you’ll have forever access to the materials, including lessons, activities, and coaching call recordings. You can continue to revisit the information and tools whenever something comes up and you’d like a refresher. I find that life often brings me pop quizzes when I’m in a phase of transformation, and having these materials handy can be a huge support.

What do I need to participate?

You’ll need an email account and a computer. Plus, our live classes will be held by Zoom, a videoconferencing app that you can download onto your device for free.

A little time each weekday (15-20 minutes) to engage with the daily lessons. Time each week (60-90 minutes) for our live coaching calls. Some simple art supplies like magic markers or colored pencils… nothing too fancy, just enough to get into light play and creativity.

Mostly, your willingness to open to a fresh and empowering perspective on your relationship to love.

What are the dates for the next session, and when will the live coaching calls be held?

Our next session begins in October 2021, and runs for four weeks.

Live coaching by Zoom video conference is held every Thursday from 10:00-11:30 am PST during the four weeks of the course.

What if I need to miss a live coaching session?

Not to worry. You’ll receive a recording of our coaching session after it is over. You’ll also have a chance to ask follow-up questions in our online classroom or via email.

Got more questions?

If you have more questions about the course, I’d be happy to help. Contact me (Elizabeth) at Elizabeth [at] .

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“Live the life that you imagine”…is the engraving on a charm that hangs on my mirror. Having gotten divorced three years ago, I have been focused on THAT journey.

For me the critical missing piece was SELF love. Because of this course, I now find myself more at ease, present, and empowered. I not only expanded my awareness of my limiting beliefs, but I was also able to learn and assimilate specific tools to be able to release those old beliefs and replace them with ones of fulfillment to bring me closer to the life I imagine.

I am grateful… I can’t begin to explain what it feels like to seize this new chapter in my life…excited, complete, powerful, and most importantly truly loving MYSELF!!!


Elizabeth has crafted a course that is an extraordinary blend of deep dive and full-on playfulness. There was no pressure to do the activities a certain way (which is SO refreshing!). This was great modeling for opening up to new ways of being in a relationship, with an emphasis on making it up as you go, playfulness, and accepting that it is impossible to do it wrong.

She weaved her own relevant relationship experiences into the course content and weekly discussions with such ease and without self-judgement, and in doing so, I was able to see myself through that same no-judgement lens. I found the pacing of the course to be perfect, and especially love that I can go back to the content that I missed (or want to revisit) with an open and welcome door.

Elizabeth shares profoundly meaningful content in simple, intentional, gentle, playful ways, and I’m grateful to have participated!


Elizabeth radiates joy and ease – it’s quite contagious.

Her capacity for creating and holding solid, grounded space makes it possible for deep, meaningful insight and transformation to occur, all while having fun and not taking yourself too seriously.   


Approachable way to shift your beliefs and relationship to love. Serious a-has in a short amount of time with a supportive facilitator who makes it safe to be vulnerable. Deal of a lifetime for the value it is bringing to my life.


What an opportunity to spend one month focusing on love! This course breaks things down into bite size experiences that add together into a whole. The process assists participants in identifying unconscious and semi-conscious attitudes osmosed from earlier experiences that create the currently running love story programming.

And, then offers manageable tools that dismantle the dysfunctional parts of that story while learning how to weave in – through fun explorations and activities – new consciously chosen ways of being with yourself and your attitudes and beliefs about love with other.


Working with Elizabeth, I found a steady container within which to look more deeply into my thoughts and patterns in relationships – both at those I was pursuing and those within myself.

I found her infusion of creativity and play in the workshops to be so refreshing.

Her welcoming presence also helped support me in the discomfort that can oftentimes arrive when we move into self-inquiry.

I would highly recommend her courses and leadership for those who are willing to learn more about themselves.

It is evident that she is walking her talk and brings with her a depth of experience to her offerings. Happy trails to those who choose to jump in and well done in having chosen to walk alongside Elizabeth!


The tools that were presented can be used for other areas of your life. The quantity and quality of content were a great value. I’ve been interested in other programs but the price (10x/more, without knowing the quality) always held me back from making the changes I wanted. This program is accessible to more people who want to make changes.

I would also add that I was attracted to your program because of your personal story. In addition, I appreciated your openness to share those stories during our lessons and calls. I didn’t feel like I was being talked down to.


One of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life was taking on Elizabeth as a mentor, teacher, guide and sister. As my working relationship with her has matured it has been such a precious gift to myself to really receive her hard won wisdom, loving guidance and beautiful inspiration.

Her courageous and truly committed exploration into the inner landscape has laid down a light trail for me to follow. Her teachings and resources have brought incredible transformation and goodness into my life in a way that was so much easier and more accelerated than I expected.

There is a refinement and simplicity to her core tools and teachings that is the culmination of much hard work. She introduced me to simple easy tools and resources to release unhelpful energies and patterns and welcome in the new helpful energies and patterns. Thank you Elizabeth for doing that hard work to make it easy for us.


I know intellectually that I am complete, that there is nothing outside myself that I need. But knowing it in my body is a different story.

The creative exercises Elizabeth gently and playfully offered showed me aspects of myself that made me EXPERIENCE that wholeness. I felt unexpectedly happier, with more appreciation of me:)


Elizabeth is mastering the art of self-exploration by weaving PLAY into every step of your process. She leads with her innate gift of heart-based inquisitiveness, sparking you to effortlessly uncover the depth of who you are really, who you wish to become. Elizabeth has been a priceless and wise resource along my path. Run, don’t walk, to her next workshop!


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