You are not broken, unworthy, or “unlucky in love.”

You are not doomed to fall short of your dreams and desires.

You’ve just been looking for love

… everywhere but the heart of the matter.


Oh, I know that longing for love, my friend. 

The ache for a roots-and-wings kind of love.

That partnership with someone who gets and cherishes and challenges you.

That love you know — in your bones — you’re here to share.


You’re smart. You’ve soul-searched. You’ve self-helped.

Maybe you’ve had a few close-but-no-cigar relationships.

You’ve found love and genuine caring, but somehow things didn’t quite click into place, at least not for long.

Or maybe you’re with someone now, but know it could be so much richer and deeper.


Why haven’t you found this love? What gives?

You wonder if all the good men are taken.

Or if something’s just irredeemably wrong with you.

Maybe you can’t get the whole package, after all.

Or maybe your Inner Critic is right and you really don’t deserve what you want.


(I assure you … none of these are true!)

I get it. This was my struggle for years.

I know what it’s like to bounce from relationship to unfulfilling relationship, always ending up in the same, disappointing spot.

I know what it’s like to devote years of sincere effort (not to mention untold sums of money) on “self-improvement” and courses and workshops and deep dives … and still not find the love I so longed for.

I know what it’s like to feel powerless to create true, sustaining love.

It took me years — and a lot of heartache and reflection — but I finally got it.

Ready for the radical idea?

We can’t truly transform our relationships … until we transform our relationship to love, itself.

We each have what I call a “Love Story”: a unique collection of beliefs and ingrained messages about what love is, how we can relate to it, and what’s even possible for us. We start compiling our Love Stories at a very early age — and there’s often some nasty, gunky, simply-untrue stuff in there, like:

  • I can’t have what I want.
  • Men don’t like strong women.
  • I can’t get steamy sex and delightful debates from the same person.

Many of these beliefs are rooted in scarcity and wobbly self-worth. But these are the beliefs that limit us and keep us trapped in disappointing experiences of love. Especially when we’re unaware of them.

What if you created a whole new Love Story?

One based in wholeness, not scarcity.

One written from the authentic truth of your Being — not cultural conditioning and unhealed wounds.

When you become the source of your own value and love, your relationships naturally shift.

When I understood this radical shift — creating love from wholeness, not lack — my entire world changed.

My relationships, my health, my work — everything transformed. Expanded.

It’s a simple shift that can radically transform your experience of life and love.

Simple, yes. And, perhaps daunting to know how to start. I’d love to support you.

Join me … on a journey of the heart.

Whole Hearts in Love is a 4-week e-course for women and men who want to let go of old, limiting Love Stories based in lack … and create new, more loving and empowered relationships with themselves, so that every other relationship naturally shifts.

When: Our 4-week journey begins in early 2019.

Where: We’ll gather online to connect, explore, heal and play.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Daily, bite-sized lessons (20 total) to help you write a new Love Story at can-do pace.
  • 4 group coaching calls so you can ask questions, integrate the week’s lessons, and connect with our delightful community. (If you can’t make it live, you can listen to the recording anytime you like.)
  • At-your-own pace discussion prompts on our private members’ platform, so you can share your progress and experiences
  • A supportive online community of like-hearted others, so you can connect and witness each others’ transformation
  • A field of learning that offers motivation, inspiration, support, connection and accountability
  • A clear process and structure for your learning path that invites ease and efficiency

Hi, I’m Elizabeth

Whole Hearts in Love is the result of my own healing journey of love, longing, and fulfillment.

I worked at love and relationships for most of my life, leaving no stone unturned in my quest for wholeness and love. But all the best programs and self-help workshops and even studies in Marriage and Family Therapy left me in the same place: alone and unhappy.

It wasn’t until I let go of everything I thought I knew and turned within myself that I found the love I longed for. I completely transformed my world of love and relationship — and am now married to my best friend.

At the request of my friends and community, I began teaching the tools and perspectives I used to transform. What began as gatherings in my living room has grown into the rich online offering you see here.

I live and breathe this work. I am by no means perfect, and neither is my relationship. BUT, from a foundation of wholeness, every day offers new awareness and growth for expanding my capacity to give and receive love. The journey never ends.

I hope that what I share inspires you to discover your own truth and your own infinite capacity to create soul-nourishing love and relationships.

I’d be honored to go on this journey with you.

Whole Hearts in Love will help you:

~ Release old, limiting love stories and replace them with beliefs grounded in the truth of your Being.

~ Be “senior” in you space. You truly have the authority to clear out old, unhelpful stories from your space … and cultivate new realities rooted in the truth of your wholeness.

~ Fulfill your cravings. Learn to give yourself what you’ve been looking to relationships to give you … so you can meet your partner in the overflow, not scarcity.

~ Get playful! When did this love stuff get so heavy? I use expressive arts like movement and drawing to help cultivate a container of safety, compassion, and fun. Our activities generate play while diving deep into personal exploration.

~ Weave in sacred energetic practices. Because knowing theory doesn’t cut it. And there’s nothing more practical than addressing energy at its source, in our inner landscape. I love the simple tools I teach for clearing unhelpful energies and cultivating those we do want.

~ Feel safe showing up as you are and taking your next step to create love and relationship from wholeness.

~ Know yourself by heart. I’ve seen it over and over again. When people begin to release their limiting beliefs about love, they eventually reach a tipping point. A moment when they have more access to their truth than not. A moment when, even if resistance arises, they can find their way back to their wholeness and lovability. This is where we’re headed, in this program. Because this tipping point? Opens up a whole new world.

Where’d we get the idea that deep work has to feel so heavy and hard?

All of the activities and tools I’ll share with you are designed to generate play, fun, and creativity while diving deep into personal exploration. They’re based on what I’ve found most helpful in my own study and experience, as well as my work with many others, and include:

  • inquiry, reflection and journaling prompts
  • movement and embodiment practices
  • adventure and playdates with your inner child
  • fun and easy art projects
  • meditations and energy tools
  • discussion prompts for conversation and connection within the community
  • inspirational personal stories to support you along the way

You’ll be able to work through the lessons at your own pace, in your own space, while also connecting with the community online and sharing your a-has and discoveries with each other.

Our Curriculum

All lessons and activities are designed to help you identify and release old love paradigms based in lack, and to cultivate love founded in your wholeness. Here’s a bird’s eye view:


Healing your Love Story: bring awareness to your relationship with love and learn how to shift it

Play IS transformation: invite your inner child to the journey



Relationship cravings: uncover the true opportunity within

Clearing and cultivating: the only tools you’ll ever need



A day you love: custom design your world – for you, by you

Imagination is a superpower: energy tools for healing



The power of ritual: integrate the transformation of your Love Story


Identify next steps



Lesson on Havingness, the art of embracing your true, natural abundance.


“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ― Rumi

This isn’t a “do these 5 things and you’ll get a man” sort of program.

And I definitely don’t believe there’s one “right” way to grow and heal.

I seek to break the cycle of seeking answers outside of ourselves.

Because, my friend — they simply aren’t there.


True healing is healing your relationship with yourself.

This is what opens us to infinite possibility and creating from our wholeness and empowerment.

And when you find love and value and truth within yourself, it’s an entirely different universe.

Dance to the beat of your own heart. (Not mine.)

My version of true love might look nothing like yours — and that’s OK!

I’ve got no agenda except helping you connect with and express love from YOUR wholeness and truth.

What this looks like is up to you (and kinda none of my business).

Queer, straight, polyamorous, monogamous, kinky, celibate …

I’m here to support YOUR truth.


A come-as-you-are journey.

Wherever you are is exactly where you need to be.

Your journey is sacred and beautiful, and every single step is as valid as the next — whether it’s a step into challenge or growth or celebration.

There are no prerequisites for this work. It is all holy … and the doors are wide open.

Ready to join us?

Our next class begins in early 2019. Enrollment will begin soon. 

As soon as you enroll, you’ll receive a confirmation email and direct access to the online community. There you can set up your profile and introduce yourself. Once the course begins, you’ll receive a daily email with a link to the day’s lesson and activity.

Come play with us …  at the frontiers of your wholeness.