At the very core, we long for deep, soul-nourishing love.

A roots-and-wings kind of love. A love that grounds us. Connects us to what’s real.

A love that also gives us wings. To soar to new heights of passion and joy.

To discover ourselves in radically new and expansive ways.

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But maybe you’re afraid true love may never come.

You’re wondering why you haven’t found the love you’ve been looking for. After all of your efforts and experience, it’s downright aggravating, actually.

You’re smart. You’ve soul-searched. You’ve self-helped.

You know—in your bones—that you have abundant love to give. Only to keep ending up empty handed.

Maybe you’ve had a few close-but-no-cigar relationships. You’ve found love and genuine caring. But somehow things couldn’t quite click into place, at least not for long. Inevitably, you’re left with conflict, isolation and disappointment.

Maybe you’re wondering, What gives?!

I know the struggle well because it was once mine. I have been there.

I know what it’s like to create one relationship after another, always to end up in the same place of deep disappointment.

I know what it’s like to feel confused and angry that, despite all of my sincere efforts and “self improvement,” I couldn’t find the love I so longed for.

I know what it’s like to feel powerless to create true, sustaining love.

Yet, what if I told you that there is one thing that can transform your world of love?

One simple yet profound shift in perspective that could result in creating the love you’ve always desired.

And, here it is…

The love we create from lack, diminishes. The love we create from wholeness, expands.

You see, most of us were taught to do love from an old paradigm that is based in lack. We were taught to seek out partners who would complete us, fill us up, be our better half.

That old “love from lack” paradigm made us into hungry ghosts frantically searching the world for the one who would fill the emptiness we felt within. We might have found “one” who could fill us up for a while, but it wasn’t sustainable. Sooner or later we’d be back to feeling the emptiness we’d been trying to fill all along.

It’s a never-ending cycle: that frantic search, the momentary solution, then the inevitable disappointment. It could cycle on for years. Decades, for some of us. For me, it was three decades. Three decades!

Until, one day, we’ve had enough… We can’t keep doing the same thing over and over…  There HAS to be another way.

We’re ready for radical change.

Enter: Love from wholeness

When we create love from the wholeness of our own hearts, we tap into all the love, support, connection and joy we could possibly ever desire…


We get to share it in overflow with another whole-hearted soul.


Once I understood this one shift in orientation — to create love from wholeness not lack — my entire world changed.

My relationships, my health, my work — everything transformed. Expanded.

It’s a simple shift that can radically transform your experience of life and love. Simple, yes. And, perhaps daunting to know how to start. I’d love to support you.

Today, my life’s work is to guide, model and encourage women and men to make this one powerful shift — to create love from the wholeness of their hearts.

To create love that is sustaining. Grounded and grounding. Soul-nourishing. The kind that feeds you from within and expands as you share with others.

I believe this radical kind of love is available to you.

What if?

 . . . this is your year to let go of old love paradigms of lack?

 . . . this is your moment to create love from the wholeness of your own heart?

 . . . you could take a step into wholeness with a community of supportive, like-hearted women and men?

Now you can.

Join us for Whole Hearts in Love.

What is Whole Hearts in Love?

Whole Hearts in Love is a 4-week e-course for women and men who want to release old love paradigms based in lack and build a radically new world of love and relationship that is sourced in their own wholeness.

We’ll gather together to connect and play, explore and discover, heal and grow. We’ll meet online and you’ll work in your own time and space.

What you get

  • 4 weeks of daily lessons (that’s 20 lessons total) hosted on a super easy-to-use learning platform
  • 4 live coaching calls
  • a supportive online community of like-hearted others who are on a similar path as you and with whom you can connect and witness each others’ transformation
  • lessons and activities based on my own study and personal experience, as well as my work with many others
  • activities that generate play, fun and creativity while diving deep into personal exploration
  • a safe space and full permission for you to show up as you are and to take your next step to create love and relationship from wholeness
  • perspective that is grounded in your own empowerment and ability to create from your own truth
  • a field of learning that offers motivation, inspiration, support, connection and accountability
  • a clear process and structure for your learning path that invites ease and efficiency
  • practical tools and the guidance to put them in motion
  • Plus, a free Bonus Lesson on Havingness and how to embody your true natural abundance

Hi, I’m Elizabeth

I created Whole Hearts in Love because it’s possible to create deeply satisfying, enriching love and relationship.

I created Whole Hearts in Love to support women and men as they reclaim their own hearts for themselves — so that they can create love and relationship from their wholeness, rather than from lack.

If we’re just meeting for the first time, here’s what I want you to know about me:

  • I am grateful. My early relationship experiences of pain, abuse and isolation are what inspired me to leave no stone unturned in my quest for wholeness. I’ve completely transformed my world of love and relationship, and I’m so happy to share what I’ve discovered with you.
  • I live and breathe this work. I am by no means perfect, and neither is my relationship. BUT, from a foundation of wholeness, every day offers new awareness and growth for expanding my capacity to give and receive love. The journey never ends.
  • Most of all, I hope that what I share inspires you to discover your own truth and your own infinite capacity to create soul-nourishing love and relationships.

How it works

Each weekday (July 9-August 3, 2018) you’ll receive an email with links to the day’s lesson, activities and downloads.

Each lesson includes a message from me with an overview of the day’s lesson, along with a variety of learning tools. Some of the learning tools we’ll play with include:

  • inquiry, reflection and journaling prompts
  • movement and embodiment practices
  • adventure and playdates with your inner child
  • fun and easy art projects
  • meditations and energy tools
  • discussion prompts for conversation and connection within the community
  • inspirational personal stories to support you along the way

You’ll be able to work through the lessons at your own pace, in your own space, while also connecting with the community online and sharing your a-has and discoveries with each other.

I will be with you every step of the way.

Once a week, we’ll gather for a live coaching call to help deepen our learning together. If you’re not available for the call, you’ll be able to listen to the recording afterwards.

You’ll come away with

All lessons and activities are designed to help you identify and release old love paradigms based in lack, and to cultivate love founded in your wholeness. Our learning will follow these themes:


  • Healing your Love Story: bring awareness to your relationship with love and learn how to shift it
  • Play IS transformation: invite your inner child to the journey


  • Relationship cravings: uncover the true opportunity within
  • Clearing and cultivating: the only tools you’ll ever need


  • A day you love: custom design your world – for you, by you
  • Imagination is a superpower: energy tools for healing


  • The power of ritual: integrate the transformation of your Love Story
  • Celebrate
  • Identify next steps

Plus, you’ll receive a free Bonus Lesson on Havingness, the art of embracing your true, natural abundance.

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Whole Hearts in Love is for you if …

you’re in a relationship and…

  • there is a whole lot of love, but you and your partner keep bumping up against conflict and disappointment;
  • you know you have the potential for something really amazing and are looking to unlock that potential; and
  • you’re open, willing and ready to try a new approach.

Or, you’re single and …

  • you know you have a whole lot of love to give;
  • you’ve had relationships that were SO close, but ultimately fell short of what you sense is possible; and
  • you’re open, willing and ready to try a new approach.

Kind Words

“’Live the life that you imagine’…is the engraving on a charm that hangs my mirror. Having gotten divorced three years ago, I have been focused on THAT journey. For me the critical missing piece was SELF love. Being somewhat aware of my negative self talk, I had however deluded myself into thinking I could somehow hold that at bay or wall them off and still continue to grow. Time after time…usually when emotions both negative and positive were running high those thoughts of limiting beliefs would come rushing in and fill me with self doubt.

No longer…Through this journey during Whole Hearts in Love, I now find myself more at ease, present, and empowered. With Elizabeth’s guidance and the supportive participants, I not only expanded my awareness of my limiting beliefs, but I was also able to learn and assimilate specific tools to be able to release those old beliefs and replace them with ones of fulfillment to bring me closer to the life I imagine. I am grateful to Elizabeth and everyone in our group for helping me navigate my way through this exploration and discovery! I can’t being to explain what it feels like to seize this new chapter in my life…excited, complete, powerful, and most importantly truly loving MYSELF!!!”

~ Susan P.

“The tools that were presented can be used for other areas of your life. The quantity and quality of content were a great value. I’ve been interested in other programs but the price (10x/more, without knowing the quality) always held me back from making the changes I wanted. This program is accessible to more people who want to make changes.

I would also add that I was attracted to your program because of your personal story. In addition, I appreciated your openness to share those stories during our lessons and calls. I didn’t feel like I was being talked down to.”

~ Karina H.

“Elizabeth’s course was a powerful exploration and inspiration to create awareness of areas where ‘lack’ was driving frustrations in my relationship with my beloved. Her experience-based learning helped strengthen a deeper experience of wholeness in myself that radiates out into my relationship.

Elizabeth’s stories, helpful guidance and fun exercises offered a practical and inspired way to gently and compassionately take responsibility for some blind spots and offered a healing framework that has been powerful and impactful in my relationship to myself and my love life.
I experience more peace, more creative solutions in our partnership and a greater appreciation and respect for myself and my partner and our individual needs, desires and preferences.”

~ Sandra V.

“Elizabeth is one of the most sincere, authentic and caring people I know. She is deeply committed to her own healing, and this has given her tremendous insight and awareness in her ability to facilitate and guide others.

She gently and playfully helps you explore your patterns in relationship in a way that helps you identify exactly what has kept you from being able to sustain a healthy and loving partnership.

Through various exercises in meditation, play, dance and deep soul searching, she creates a very safe environment to share, laugh, cry and let go of anything keeping you from love that’s already there just waiting for you.”

 ~ Shannon G.

“Elizabeth is mastering the art of self-exploration by weaving PLAY into every step of your process. She leads with her innate gift of heart-based inquisitiveness sparking you to effortlessly uncover the depth of who you are really, who you wish to become. Elizabeth has been a priceless and wise resource along my path. Run, don’t walk, to her next workshop!”

~ Doug S. 

“Elizabeth radiates joy and ease – it’s quite contagious.

Her capacity for creating and holding solid, grounded space makes it possible for deep, meaningful insight and transformation to occur, all while having fun and not taking yourself too seriously.”   

 ~ Eric K.

“Approachable way to shift your beliefs and relationship to love. Serious a-has in a short amount of time with a supportive facilitator who makes it safe to be vulnerable. Deal of a lifetime for the value it is bringing to my life.”  

~ Karen B.

“Elizabeth has crafted a course that is an extraordinary blend of deep dive and full-on playfulness. There was no pressure to do the activities a certain way (which is SO refreshing!). This was great modeling for opening up to new ways of being in relationship, with an emphasis on making it up as you go, playfulness, and accepting that it is impossible to do it wrong.

She weaved her own relevant relationship experiences into the course content and weekly discussions with such ease and without self-judgment, and in doing so, I was able to see myself through that same no-judgment lens. I found the pacing of the course to be perfect, and especially love that I can go back to the content that I missed (or want to revisit) with an open and welcome door. Elizabeth shares profoundly meaningful content in simple, intentional, gentle, playful ways, and I’m grateful to have participated!”  

~ Nancy S.

“What an opportunity to spend one month focussing on love! This course breaks things down into bite size experiences that add together into a whole. The process assists participants in identifying unconscious and semi-conscious attitudes osmosed from earlier experiences that create the currently running love story programming. And, then offers manageable tools that dismantle the dysfunctional parts of that story while learning how to weave in through fun explorations and activities new consciously chosen ways of being with yourself and your attitudes and beliefs about love with other.”  

~ Leslie C.

“Your course was more like play, it was fun!

Inquiring into old patterns, beliefs and stories I have lived with for years, and letting go of what doesn’t serve me

Coloring and movement expanding in creativity

Seeing where I hesitate or what stops me from expressing myself freely

Taking the opportunity to recreate and co-create a relationship with Love that serves me by loving myself Whole Heartedly, this means all of me

Seeing the possibility and now experiencing healthy, loving relationships that are full of love, laughter and acceptance

Thank you Elizabeth for inviting us all to experience this through self expression and co-creation. Life is a dance and it doesn’t have to be hard.

With ease I now feel worthy of love and capable to invite others to play and explore the bounty of our hearts and souls.”  

~ Nancy H.

“Working with Elizabeth, I found a steady container within which to look more deeply into my thoughts and patterns in relationship–both at those I was pursuing and those within myself.

I found her infusion of creativity and play in the workshops to be so refreshing.

Her welcoming presence also helped support me in the discomfort that can oftentimes arrive when we move into self-inquiry.

I would highly recommend her courses and leadership for those who are willing to learn more about themselves.

It is evident that she is walking her talk and brings with her a depth of experience to her offerings. Happy trails to those who choose to jump in and well done in having chosen to walk alongside Elizabeth!”

~ Saunders M.

“I know intellectually that I am complete, that there is nothing outside myself that I need. But knowing it in my body is a different story.

The creative exercises Elizabeth gently and playfully offered showed me aspects of myself that made me EXPERIENCE that wholeness. I felt unexpectedly happier, with more appreciation of me:)”

 ~ Lisa F.

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