What if you created love from

the wholeness of your own heart?

I know that longing for a roots-and-wings kind of love. That partnership with someone who gets and cherishes and challenges you. That love you know — in your bones — you’re here to share.

You’re smart. You’ve soul-searched. You’ve self-helped. Maybe you’ve had a few close-but-no-cigar relationships. You’ve found love and genuine caring, but somehow things didn’t quite click into place, at least not for long. Or maybe you’re with someone now, but know it could be so much richer and deeper.

I get it. This was my struggle for years.

To transform your relationships,

you must first transform your relationship to love itself — how  you relate to love.

Hi, I’m Elizabeth

Whole Hearts in Love is the result of my own healing journey of love, longing and fulfillment.

I worked at relationships for most of my life, leaving no stone unturned in my quest for love. But all the best programs and self help and even studies in Marriage and Family Therapy left me in the same place: alone and unhappy.

It wasn’t until I let go of everything I thought I knew and turned within myself that I found the love I longed for. I uncovered and released the unconscious beliefs that told me things like “I can’t have what I want,” and “It’s too late for me.” I created a new foundation of love within me based in freedom and empowerment. And now I am married to my best friend.

At the request of my friends and community, I began teaching the tools and perspectives I used to transform. What began as gatherings in my living room has grown into the rich online offering you see here.

I live and breathe this work. I am by no means perfect, and neither is my relationship. BUT, from a foundation of wholeness, every day offers new awareness and growth for expanding my capacity to give and receive love. The journey never ends.

I hope that what I share inspires you to discover your own truth and your own infinite capacity for soul-nourishing love.

I’d be honored to go on this journey with you.


Whole Hearts in Love is a 5-week adventure to the heart of your relationship to love.

Clear what limits your experience of love.

Cultivate expanded realities rooted in the truth of your wholeness.




Who this course is for…

You’re in a relationship and sense it could be deeper, richer, more fulfilling.

You’ve just ended a relationship and want to gain clarity and clearing so you can create from a fresh and empowered place.

You’re single and ready to create relationship beyond the limits of the past and in the realm of greater freedom and joy.


How it works…

Each week begins with a live coaching call with guided facilitation focusing on that week’s theme (5 calls total). (If you need to miss the call, you’ll receive an audio recording.)

Lessons, activities and prompts are delivered to your inbox 5 days a week (25 days total).

There’s a classroom site (private just for us) where we’ll share our experiences, connect and support each other in a safe and intimate container.

You have the option of receiving one 30-minute private phone reading/session with me during the course.

Everything is held in the space of play, connection and empowerment. 



Desire, Willingness & Present Time

We begin our journey by exploring the spiritual nature of our desire for love, our willingness to embrace growth and what it means to live truly in the present … how being in present time is really the only time in which we can connect and create intimacy with another. We begin working with the basic transformational tools.


Love Stories

In the second week we begin to unpack our relationship to love. We uncover elements of our Love Stories — the collection of experiences, beliefs and decisions we’ve made that filter our perception and experience of love. The transformation continues as we open to new possibilities.


Relationship Cravings

In week three we go deeper into the heart of what we’re (perhaps unconsciously) trying to get from love and relationship that can only be found within. This is a power week where we’ll reclaim our own authority to source all that we are and need within us, freeing us to love others without condition.


Nurturing the Child Within

Week four is all about reclaiming those lost, innocent versions of ourselves who can sometimes wreck havoc in our relationships. As we provide them with the nurturance they didn’t receive early on, they transform into the magical, creative muse who inspires us to live and love full-out.


Be Your Own Beloved

In our final week we embrace ourselves as “The Beloved.” We make it possible for an “other” to join us in this space where relationship is about filling ourselves us from within and sharing the overflow with someone else who has overflow to share.

Special Bonus

Receive a 30-minute private telephone session with Elizabeth. Having a clairvoyant reading and energy healing from Elizabeth during the course can be a huge support and accelerant to your unfolding.

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“Your course was more like play, it was fun! … Inquiring into old stories I have lived with for years and letting go of what doesn’t serve me … creating a relationship with love so that I love myself (all of me) whole heartedly … I now experience healthy, loving relationships that are full of love, laughter and acceptance.

Thank you Elizabeth for inviting us to experience this through self expression and co-creation. Life is a dance and it doesn’t have to be hard. I now feel worthy of love and am able to invite others to play and explore the bounty of our hearts and souls.”



What can I expect to get out of this course?

A fresh and empowered perspective on your relationship to love. Potent tools that you can continue to use beyond our time together to help you create love from your own wholeness.

A safe and intimate online community of like-hearted others, so you can connect, share support and witness each others’ transformation.

A field of learning that offers motivation, inspiration, support and connection. A clear process and structure for your learning path that invites ease and efficiency.

I’ve designed this course in the spirit of play and adventure, and I hope that you’ll find that while we’re diving deep, we’re also infusing our time together with lots of fun and amusement.

And, though we’ll be traveling this road together for five weeks with daily lessons and weekly coaching calls, you’ll have forever access to the materials, including lessons, activities and coaching call recordings. You can continue to revisit the information and tools whenever something comes up and you’d like a refresher. I find that life often brings me pop quizzes when I’m in a phase of transformation, and having these materials handy can be a huge support.

What do I need to participate?

An email account and a computer. Headphones for our coaching calls. A journal. Some time each weekday (15-20 minutes) to engage with the daily lessons. Time each week (60-90 minutes) for our live coaching calls. Some simple art supplies like magic markers or colored pencils… nothing too fancy, just enough to get into light play and creativity.

Mostly, your willingness to open to a fresh and empowering perspective on your relationship to love.

What are the dates for the next session, and when will the live coaching calls be held?

The Winter 2020 session of Whole Hearts in Love will begin on Tuesday, February 25, and it will run through Saturday, March 28.

Live coaching calls will be held every Tuesday at 10:00am PST and will last between 60-90 minutes. These dates are: Feb. 25, March 3, March 10, March 17 and March 24.

What if I need to miss a coaching call?

Not to worry. You’ll receive a recording of our coaching call after it is over. You’ll also have a chance to ask follow-up questions in our online classroom or via email.

“Live the life that you imagine”…is the engraving on a charm that hangs on my mirror. Having gotten divorced three years ago, I have been focused on THAT journey.

For me the critical missing piece was SELF love. Through this journey during Whole Hearts in Love, I now find myself more at ease, present, and empowered. I not only expanded my awareness of my limiting beliefs, but I was also able to learn and assimilate specific tools to be able to release those old beliefs and replace them with ones of fulfillment to bring me closer to the life I imagine.

I am grateful… I can’t begin to explain what it feels like to seize this new chapter in my life…excited, complete, powerful, and most importantly truly loving MYSELF!!!


Winter 2020


START DATE: February 25

DURATION: 5 weeks

FEE: $220