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The 1 thing that helps with my writer’s block

This is what happens sometimes when I’m blocked in my writing.

I’m sitting here at my desk typing, and crap (that’s an affectionate term) is splattering onto the screen.

This is all going absolutely nowhere. And there’s no end in sight to this nowhere-going.

So, I turn on some music. I bounce on the rebounder a few minutes, pumping my arms in the air shouting “this is mine, my space” to that old energy that wants to control and squash my creativity.

I go back to the computer… can I write yet?


I pull out the drawing paper and pen. I begin making lines and curves, intersecting and connecting, until I have a composition that fills up the page. Then, I pull out the markers and begin to fill in the spaces.

As I’m doing that, my body relaxes. The “got to get it right” part of my personality takes a back seat. I’m simply enjoying seeing the colors fill in the spaces.

And pretty soon, ideas begin to flow. One after another, coursing like a river through my creative landscape.

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