“Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky. ”― Kahlil Gibran


You are invited!

September Trees 2018 is a incredibly simple idea. It’s a community space among like-hearted folks to explore and share some tree love throughout the month of September.

The invitation is to get outside every day (even if it’s just for five minutes) and take a picture of a tree. Then post your picture to Instagram with the #SeptemberTrees2018 hashtag and/or to our Facebook group.

That’s it. It’s that simple.

You can participate however feels right for you. And, if you would like to follow a few guidelines, they are:

  1. For the month of September, get outside every day and take a picture of a tree.
  2. Post your daily tree photos to Instagram and Facebook with the #SeptemberTrees2018 hashtag.
  3. Join the Facebook group and share your trees there.

But truly, there are no hard and fast rules here. The real invitation is to notice these beautiful beings, and have your own unique experience of connecting with yourself and the trees.

A few tips:

  • Cameras. I won’t be using any fancy cameras for this (photography is not my bag). I’ll be using my smartphone. Keep it simple and fun. If you enjoy the photography part of this, then by all means, please go for it.
  • Urban Friends. For those of you who live in urban areas, this could be a great way to get to know the precious trees that are planted around your city. On my days in San Francisco, now that I have my eye out for trees, I am often surprised to discover that there are actually more trees lining the city streets than I had expected. Go ahead, check it out, see what happens.
  • Really? Every single day? If doing this every single day feels fun for you, then yes, why not go for it? If that doesn’t feel right to you — maybe weekends are better for you, or maybe you prefer to be spontaneous with this — then that’s the way to go. Really, this is for you, to create your own adventure.
  • Join us anytime. You can begin on day 25 and you’re still good. You’re welcome whenever you’re feeling the call to join.

Let’s journey through September together in the company of trees!

Infinite love and blessings,


PS – Join anytime during the month of September. Be sure to use the #SeptemberTrees2018 hashtag!

PPS – If you’d like to get the backstory on how all of this started, check out my blog post here.