Private Immersion Retreat

Some transformations are too big for our daily hustle ’n grind.

We all encounter these precious points in life — many times over, if we’re fortunate and courageous enough.

Sacred moments when the window of transformation opens.
Our old patterns are ready to fall away.
Creativity promises to blossom, bigger than ever before.
Our true self shimmers, almost within our grasp.
And love deeper than we’ve ever experienced is practically here.

These moments ask us to create a safe space to truly relax, be held and nurtured, and go deep within.

Without the safe, sacred container we need, we often fall into that old two steps forward, one step back trap.

A few years ago, when I encountered the biggest transformational moment of my life, I knew I needed to create a fresh, sacred space to truly surrender to it.

So I packed up my little car and took myself to a tiny cabin in the redwoods, where I spent a year turning within, letting go, and recreating myself. This Holy Hell utterly transformed me and my life — but I couldn’t have done the work if I hadn’t stepped outside of my life for a moment, gotten clarity, and created the space I needed.

The good news? We usually don’t need a year.

The right space, some fiercely compassionate mentoring, and a hefty dose of natural beauty can carry you quite far, in just a few days.

Caterpillar, meet chrysalis.

I’m opening my beautiful mountain home for private, guided, transformational retreats, exquisitely customized to support your evolutionary edge.

Come and be held in a loving, luxurious container. Surrounded by nature. Enjoying a guided, private experience tailored just for you, at this sacred moment in your life. So you can:

  • Take time out of your busy life to reconnect with yourself and the powerful, healing medicine of nature
  • Relax, be held, and enjoy a clear, safe container to open to what you most want to create
  • Re-establish a soul-heart connection within yourself, aligning to your authenticity and wholeness
  • Explore your big heart-and-soul questions and orient yourself to the direction your soul is calling you
  • Spark excitement and curiosity, feel uplifted, and receive inspiration and creativity
  • Get more centered and grounded in your true being
  • Attune to your intuition and get centered and grounded with simple, powerful energy practices
  • Learn how to integrate these practices into your daily life, so you can walk with integrity and power no matter what comes your way
  • Release outdated, limiting stories and patterns that no longer serve you
  • Welcome in new energies that support your next evolutionary steps
  • Cultivate clarity and alignment around an area of life that’s ripe for transformation: a question, a transition, or an opportunity
  • Get support accessing the wisdom of your soul, so you can identify the growth and wisdom you’re being called to bring online now
  • Have a clear vision, anchor your new path, and map out an action plan for your next steps.

What to Expect

No two retreats are the same, because I customize them specifically for you. You might need more facilitation and mentoring … or more silence and sleeping in. Either way, you’ll enjoy:

  • A refreshing balance of facilitated time with me and alone time to rest, journal, integrate, hot tub, etc.
  • Clairvoyant energy readings and clearings with me
  • Embodied, transformative work anchored in breath, movement, and expressive arts
  • Guided nature-based practices to connect with the wise, healing power of nature
  • Loads of nurturing, rest, gentle guidance, and tender care of your being.

What’s Included:

  • 3 days and 2 nights in my home, nestled in nature, just 20 minutes north of San Francisco
  • Personalized practices and mentoring with me from 10AM to 4 or 5PM each day
  • All activities and materials
  • Accommodations in our luxurious guest suite: a private bedroom (with private bathroom), with a queen sized bed, terrace overlooking Mount Tam, and a hot tub
  • Delicious, nurturing, organic lunches, prepared with love and based on your dietary preferences.

Your Investment: $2800.

~ Be nurtured, pampered, and guided through a process of expansion. ~


Is this for me?

This private immersion is for you if you’re highly motivated and ready to dive into the heart of your soul’s calling. You’re welcome to apply for this experience whether we’ve worked together before or not.

How do I know if it’s a good time to do this?

This is especially helpful if you’re in a significant transition (career, relationship…) or facing important life decisions. However, it doesn’t have to be a big external transition. Sometimes, everything’s the same on the outside, but we feel a calling from deep within our hearts to make changes. This is a wonderful moment, too.

Will it be hard?

It might be. It might not be. But mostly, my intention is for you to feel held — as if held by The Great Mother. (Because you are.) You’ll likely find it more easeful and fun than you expect!

Will I have enough alone time?

You’ll have time to yourself at the beginning and end of each day, including breakfast and dinner. You’ll be free to rest, journal, soak in the hot tub, hike in the surrounding hills, and explore the area.

What about food?

Lunches are included (prepared with love, according to your dietary preferences). For breakfast and dinner, you’ll be free to explore local restaurants, or prepare your own meals in our kitchen.

Here’s a challenge: are you willing to give yourself the space and nurturing you need?

The first step is filling out the short ’n sweet application, so I can get to know you, your intentions, and how to create the most supportive, nurturing immersion for you.

Once I’ve reviewed your application, I’ll be in touch with next steps: registration, scheduling, and invoice. Retreat payment ($2800) is due when you book, and is non-refundable.

The moment you register for your retreat, I create a powerful energetic field for you and your intentions. That means: as soon as you say “yes” to your retreat, it begins. You’ll likely experience activations and shifts long before you arrive at my home.


Jen Padgett
Technology Advisor for non-profit Community Solutions

My private immersion retreat with Elizabeth was spiritual, productive, magical.

The last two years have been transitional for me. I was working in a CEO position and dealing with a chronic pain disorder. I took a sabbatical and started to transform the way I was managing my life. Past trauma started to surface during this period, and I went inward. I needed a path forward but wasn’t quite sure how to get there. That’s where I was before working with Elizabeth.

I was able to identify, connect and directly work with the persona that is holding me back the most, my deepest inner critic “Mother Load.” I felt finally able to break through, move through and find ways to work with this part of me like I never have before. On top of that, I was able to really identify and figure out what is calling to me. Elizabeth coached me through what that actually means for my life and how to move forward with this new information. It felt so awesome to leave with an action plan!

I love that Elizabeth was doing her own work on things while I was. It was a great example for me that the work continues, there is always an iteration, and I don’t have to have everything figured out to be happy about where I’m at.

Her love, caring and kindness was especially needed as I transitioned into finding ways to love and appreciate myself. It never occurred to me to appreciate myself for all I’ve done thus far!

The path Elizabeth set out for me is flexible and I think can accommodate many. She has a way of intuitively listening and allowing that to inform what should happen next. The time together was flexible – we did what felt right to move forward to the next thing and get to my end goal. Mixed in was plenty of relax time, great and healthy food, and even a massage (greatly appreciated:-). I felt like my time there was a reset and I left feeling energized and Spirit Full.

The deepest dive

… is into your true self.

Ready to say yes to your next step? Click the button below to fill out your application.