One of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life was taking on Elizabeth as a mentor, teacher, guide and sister. As my working relationship with her has matured it has been such a precious gift to myself to really receive her hard won wisdom, loving guidance and beautiful inspiration.

Her courageous and truly committed exploration into the inner landscape has laid down a light trail for me to follow. Her teachings and resources have brought incredible transformation and goodness into my life in a way that was so much easier and more accelerated than I expected.

There is a refinement and simplicity to her core tools and teachings that is the culmination of much hard work. She introduced me to simple easy tools and resources to release unhelpful energies and patterns and welcome in the new helpful energies and patterns. Thank you Elizabeth for doing that hard work to make it easy for us.

~Jenny-Viva Collisson, M.D.

I strongly believe that the best teachers have walked the path themselves. I have had the opportunity to witness Elizabeth’s own transformation up close and am continuously wowed at her devotion and what she creates. I often ask myself “what would Elizabeth do?” as I am making choices along my own path. If you are reading this, perhaps you are considering the opportunity of walking with Elizabeth along your path. I say go for it. You won’t have any regrets.

~Carey Dodson, Space Alchemy Architecture & Interiors

The tools that were presented can be used for other areas of your life. The quantity and quality of content were a great value. I’ve been interested in other programs but the price (10x/more, without knowing the quality) always held me back from making the changes I wanted. This program is accessible to more people who want to make changes.

I would also add that I was attracted to your program because of your personal story. In addition, I appreciated your openness to share those stories during our lessons and calls. I didn’t feel like I was being talked down to.

~ Karina H.

Approachable way to shift your beliefs and relationship to love. Serious a-has in a short amount of time with a supportive facilitator who makes it safe to be vulnerable. Deal of a lifetime for the value it is bringing to my life.

~ Karen B.

Elizabeth is one of the most sincere, authentic and caring people I know. She is deeply committed to her own healing, and this has given her tremendous insight and awareness in her ability to facilitate and guide others.

She gently and playfully helps you explore your patterns in relationship in a way that helps you identify exactly what has kept you from being able to sustain a healthy and loving partnership.

Through various exercises in meditation, play, dance and deep soul searching, she creates a very safe environment to share, laugh, cry and let go of anything keeping you from love that’s already there just waiting for you.

 ~ Shannon G.

Elizabeth radiates joy and ease – it’s quite contagious.

Her capacity for creating and holding solid, grounded space makes it possible for deep, meaningful insight and transformation to occur, all while having fun and not taking yourself too seriously.   

 ~ Eric K.

Working with Elizabeth, I found a steady container within which to look more deeply into my thoughts and patterns in relationship–both at those I was pursuing and those within myself.

I found her infusion of creativity and play in the workshops to be so refreshing.

Her welcoming presence also helped support me in the discomfort that can oftentimes arrive when we move into self-inquiry.

I would highly recommend her courses and leadership for those who are willing to learn more about themselves.

It is evident that she is walking her talk and brings with her a depth of experience to her offerings. Happy trails to those who choose to jump in and well done in having chosen to walk alongside Elizabeth!

~ Saunders M.

When I began working with Elizabeth, I was transitioning into a leadership role within a new regional collective impact coalition. I was faced with motivating others to rally around the cause and with needing to begin implementation quickly, yet I still had all of my other work to deal with. I was in fact stymied by my own fears and insecurity. Elizabeth quickly helped me focus my efforts on just what was required in the next 100 days, better organizing time spent on tasks like email, carving out devoted work time during my day, and delegating aspects of my other work. Finding it all suddenly much more manageable, I immediately began my first 100-day plan.

By the time of my second 100-day plan, I was reporting to my boss that I felt like a completely new professional. I was accomplishing what had seemed nearly impossible three months earlier—with more efficiency and work-life balance and less anxiety and stress.

Elizabeth’s advice is wise, yet simple and practical; it comes from a deep knowledge of how we interact with others and how our own personalities, assumptions and inner resistance can sometimes hinder the very things we’re desperately trying to accomplish. My nine sessions with her were incredibly impactful.

~Amy S.

My private immersion retreat with Elizabeth was spiritual, productive, magical.

The last two years have been transitional for me. I was working in a CEO position and dealing with a chronic pain disorder. I took a sabbatical and started to transform the way I was managing my life. Past trauma started to surface during this period, and I went inward. I needed a path forward but wasn’t quite sure how to get there. That’s where I was before working with Elizabeth.

I was able to identify, connect and directly work with the persona that is holding me back the most, my deepest inner critic “Mother Load.”  I felt finally able to break through, move through and find ways to work with this part of me like I never have before. On top of that, I was able to really identify and figure out what is calling to me. Elizabeth coached me through what that actually means for my life and how to move forward with this new information. It felt so awesome to leave with an action plan!

I love that Elizabeth was doing her own work on things while I was. It was a great example for me that the work continues, there is always an iteration, and I don’t have to have everything figured out to be happy about where I’m at.  

Her love, caring and kindness was especially needed as I transitioned into finding ways to love and appreciate myself. It never occurred to me to appreciate myself for all I’ve done thus far!  

The path Elizabeth set out for me is flexible and I think can accommodate many. She has a way of intuitively listening and allowing that to inform what should happen next. The time together was flexible – we did what felt right to move forward to the next thing and get to my end goal. Mixed in was plenty of relax time, great and healthy food, and even a massage (greatly appreciated:-).  I felt like my time there was a reset and I left feeling energized and Spirit Full.

~Jen P.

Elizabeth’s course was a powerful exploration and inspiration to create awareness of areas where ‘lack’ was driving frustrations in my relationship with my beloved. Her experience-based learning helped strengthen a deeper experience of wholeness in myself that radiates out into my relationship.

Elizabeth’s stories, helpful guidance and fun exercises offered a practical and inspired way to gently and compassionately take responsibility for some blind spots and offered a healing framework that has been powerful and impactful in my relationship to myself and my love life.

I experience more peace, more creative solutions in our partnership and a greater appreciation and respect for myself and my partner and our individual needs, desires and preferences.

~ Sandra V.

Elizabeth is mastering the art of self-exploration by weaving PLAY into every step of your process. She leads with her innate gift of heart-based inquisitiveness sparking you to effortlessly uncover the depth of who you are really, who you wish to become. Elizabeth has been a priceless and wise resource along my path. Run, don’t walk, to her next workshop!

~ Doug S. 

Your course was more like play, it was fun!

Inquiring into old patterns, beliefs and stories I have lived with for years, and letting go of what doesn’t serve me…

Coloring and movement expanding in creativity…

Seeing where I hesitate or what stops me from expressing myself freely…

Taking the opportunity to recreate and co-create a relationship with Love that serves me by loving myself Whole Heartedly, this means all of me…

Seeing the possibility and now experiencing healthy, loving relationships that are full of love, laughter and acceptance…

Thank you Elizabeth for inviting us all to experience this through self expression and co-creation. Life is a dance and it doesn’t have to be hard.

With ease I now feel worthy of love and capable to invite others to play and explore the bounty of our hearts and souls. 

~ Nancy H.

I know intellectually that I am complete, that there is nothing outside myself that I need. But knowing it in my body is a different story.

The creative exercises Elizabeth gently and playfully offered showed me aspects of myself that made me EXPERIENCE that wholeness. I felt unexpectedly happier, with more appreciation of me:)

 ~ Lisa F.